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Princess Diana 1961 - 1997
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princess diana picture Diana, Princess of Wales died on Sunday, 31 August 1997 following a car crash in Paris. The worldwide public mourning at the death of Lady Diana shows the sympathy to this incredible women. Even after her death, however, the Princess is still in the public interest and from time to time some secret news get published.
Already in her lifetime, after Dianas marriage with Prince Charles, she was called "the Queen of Humanity". She was a real royal star and one of the most fascinating woman of her time. The crisis in her married life and the following separation didn`t change the public sympathy to Diana. If you want deeper informations, photos or something more about Princess Diana, then have a look at the following links.

Early Years of Princess Diana
Diana was the youngest daughter of Frances Ruth Burke-Roche (daughter of the fourth Baron Fermoy) and Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp. Therefore Diana was a direct descendant of King Charles I of England. On the death of her paternal grandfather, Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer in 1975, Lord Althorp became the eighth Earl Spencer, and his daughter Diana acquired the courtesy title of Lady Diana Spencer. She was educated in Norfolk and at boarding school in Kent.  At 16 Diana attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland.


Marriage and Family Life
In 1980, at the age of 19 DIana caught the eye of the Prince of Wales, Charles on a polo match. A romance began and he proposed to her in February of 1981. Their wedding took place at St Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981, in front of a massive global television audience. Diana Spencer was now the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne since 1659 when Lady Anne Hyde married the Duke of York, the future James II of England.

Diana gave birth to two children, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis in 1982 and Prince Henry Charles David Albert in 1984.

After the birth of William, Diana sufferred from post-natal depression. She later developed the eating disorder bulimia nervosa, and made a number of suicide attempts. Her most serious suidice attempt was in 1982 when, while pregnant with Prince William, she threw herself down a set of stairs. It has been suggested that in her suicide attempts the Princess did not in fact intend to end her life, and was merely making a 'cry for help' (so-called 'parasuicide'). In one of her own interviews, released after her death, she said that Charles, Prince of Wales had accused her of crying wolf when she threatened to kill herself. But, although her life may not have been in serious danger, there was certainly a significant risk that she would miscarry her baby.

In the later 1980s her marriage to Charles fell apart, an event at first kept quiet and then sensationalised by the world media. Both Charles and Diana had friends who spoke to the press, accusing the other party of adultery. Charles had a relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles (the so-called Squidgygate affair), while Diana was seeing James Gilby, and she later confirmed she had had an affair with James Hewitt (her riding instructor).

Although Diana and Charles separated in 1992, their divorce was not finalised until August 1996.


Charity Work
During the mid-to-late 1980s, Diana became well known for her support of charity projects, and is given considerable credit for her campaigning against the use of landmines and diminishing the stigma associated with AIDS.

In April 1987, Diana was the first high-profile celebrity to be photographed touching an AIDS-infected person. Her contribution in changing the public opinion of AIDS sufferers was summarised in December 2001 by Bill Clinton at the 'Diana, Princess of Wales Lecture on AIDS', when he said:

In 1987, when so many still believed that AIDS could be contracted through casual contact, Princess Diana sat on the sickbed of a man with AIDS and held his hand. If the Princess of Wales could hold the hand of a man with AIDS, who could claim to be above it? She showed the world that people with AIDS deserved not isolation, but compassion. It helped change world opinion, helped give hope to people with AIDS, and helped save lives of people at risk.

Perhaps her most widely publicised charity appearance was in January 1997, when she visited the HALO Trust de-mining organisation on-site in Angola. The pictures of Diana touring a minefield, in helmet and flak jacket, were seen worldwide. In August that year she visited Bosnia with the Landmine Survivors Network. Her interest in landmines was focussed on the injuries they create, often to children, long after the conflict for which they are intended has finished. She is widely credited as an influence on the British Government, and other nations, in their signing of the Ottowa Treaty in December 1997 (after Diana's death) banning anti-personnel landmines.


Books About Princess Diana
Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton is an updated edition of the book Princess Diana secretly helped Morton write in 1992. It contains transcripts of tapes in which Princess Diana talks frankly about her life and her relationship with Prince Charles. Princess Diana even helped to pick the pictures that illustrate the book. New chapters cover Princess Diana's last years, her romance with Dodi Fayed, and her tragic death.

Diana: Her New Life, also by Andrew Morton. This sequel to Diana: Her True Story tells how Princess Diana went on with her life after her separation from Prince Charles.

Princess Diana: Her Life Story 1961-1997 by Richard Buskin. Biography. Includes 75 photos.

Diana: Story of a Princess by Tim Clayton and Phil Craig. Unbiased biography, based on a ITV/The Learning Channel documentary series.

Ever After: Diana and the Life She Led by Anne Edwards. An unsensationalized biography written by a popular author.

Diana by Irene Frain. Biography that presents Diana as forever torn between the demands of reality and the illusions of appearance. Out of print, but available from Alibris.

Diana's Boys: William and Harry and the Mother They Loved by Christopher Andersen. Published in 2001, this is an interesting account of Diana's close relationship with her two sons, and what happened to the boys in the years after her death. The book includes an excellent selection of black-and-white photographs.

The Windsor Knot: Charles, Camilla and the Legacy of Diana by Christopher Wilson.

Diana, an English Rose by Susan Skinner. Includes over 400 color photos of the princess. The author was part of Diana's official press team. Available at

German book reviews at

The Day Diana Died by Christopher P. Andersen is a detailed account of the last day of Princess Diana's life and what happened afterward. Gives interesting insight into Prince Charles' true grief over Diana's death and his mother's seeming indifference.

The Diana Conspiracy Exposed: The Definitive Account of the Last Days and Death of Diana, Princess of Wales by Martyn Gregory. The author disputes popular conspiracy theories.

The Bodyguard's Story: Diana, the Crash, and the Sole Survivor by Trevor Rees-Jones and Moira Johnston. The long-awaited account by the sole survivor of the accident which claimed Princess Diana's life. Rees-Jones provides an unusual, up-close and honest look at Diana's last days and her relationship with Dodi Fayed. This book makes it clear that Fayed's bodyguards did their best to protect the couple under difficult circumstances. Out of print, but available from Alibris.

Diana; Her Life in Fashion by Georgina Howell. Includes 220 illustrations, 160 in color. Even if you're not into fashion, you'll find this book interesting and fun. Out of print, but available from Alibris.

Diana: The Secrets of Her Style by Diane Clehane. Interviews, designer sketches, and photographs reveal how the princess was transformed into a fashion icon. From Alibris.

Dressing Diana by Tim Graham. Very popular book with numerous color photos of Diana in her working wardrobe, diplomatic wardrobe, casual wardrobe, and more. Out of print, but sometimes available from Alibris.

Catherine Walker: An Autobiography by the Private Couteur to Diana, Princess of Wales by Catherine Walker and Liz Tilberis. Although primarily about the designer, this book is popular with Diana fans for its focus on Diana. Contains photos. From Alibris.

In the Royal Manner: Expert Advice on Etiquette and Entertaining from the Former Butler to Diana, Princess of Wales by Paul Burrell. The author was a close and trusted friend of Princess Diana. His book includes memories of Diana and recipes for some of her favorite dishes.

Shadows Of A Princess: An Intimate Account by Her Private Secretary by P.D. Jephson. This highly controversial book has been condemned by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William. It portrays Diana as scheming and manipulative.

Diana: The Secret Years by Simone Simmons. The author is an "energy healer" who treated Diana and eventually became her personal friend. Andrew Morton called this book "a fascinating insight into Diana's last years from a true insider."

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret by Ken Wharfe and Robert Jobson. Wharfe, who served as the princess's chief bodyguard for several years, discusses Diana's relationship with her mother, her love affairs, and other little-known details of her life. Wharfe has praised Diana as a "warm-hearted and fun-loving woman" who "really did make a difference."

Kip's Flowers for Diana by Kip Dodds, forward by Paul Burrell, photographs by Andy Earl. The author created flower arrangements for Princess Diana for three years.

The Voice of Silence: A Life of Love, Healing and Inspiration; The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana's Spiritual Guide by Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo. Autobiography of a former nun who was nurse to the Duke of Windsor and says she was Diana's spiritual adviser. (UK)

The Housekeeper's Diary: Charles & Diana Before the Breakup by Wendy Berry. As housekeeper to Prince Charles and Princess Diana at their Highgrove mansion from 1985 until their 1992 separation, Berry witnessed the slow disintegration of their marriage. This book was banned in the United Kingdom.

Love and War by James Hewitt. The author reveals the details of his lengthy affair with Princess Diana. Available from Alibris.

Princess in Love by Anna Pasternak. Another account of Diana's romance with James Hewitt, published while Diana was still alive. Out of print, but available from Alibris.

Diana: Her Last Love by Kate Snell. About Diana's relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. (UK)

Diana and Dodi: A Love Story by Rene Delorm and Nadine Taylor. Delorm, who worked for Dodi Fayed, witnessed Diana and Dodi's romance as it unfolded. Out of print, but available at Alibris.

Diana: In Pursuit of Love by Andrew Morton. Based on the tapes Diana made for Morton, including never-before published comments, and recent interviews with her friends, advisors and colleagues. Includes more than 75 color photos. Published in June 2004. (UK)

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell. Explosive allegations by Princess Diana's trusted butler, including the claim that Diana predicted that someone would arrange her death in a car crash. Published in October 2003. (UK)

Deber Real by Paul Burrell. The Spanish-language version of "A Royal Duty." Published in March 2004.

Frances: The Remarkable Story of Diana's Mother by Max Riddington, Gavan Nade. Biography of Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, based on interviews with her. Includes previously unseen photographs. Published in January 2004. (UK)

Diana: Death of a Goddess by David Cohen. Claims that the late Princess Diana "found herself out of her depth in the company of drug dealers, arms dealers, and secret service operators." Published in March 2004. From


Movies about Princess Diana
Princess Diana: The Uncrowned Queen. Documentary on DVD.

Princess Diana: A Day in the Life. 2001 documentary from the Royal Family Collection.

Princess Diana: Her Private Story. Also from the Royal Family Collection.

Royal Family Collection - Princess Diana's Legacy. Focuses on Diana's relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Diana: Legacy of a Princess. 1997 documentary.

Diana, Princess of Wales. A British documentary about Princess Diana's life. Includes video from her funeral.

Diana: The True Story is a documentary from A&E's "Biography" series. Includes candid interviews and the first complete look behind the inner demons that haunted Princess Diana from early childhood.

Diana, In Her Own Words. Documentary.

Diana: A Celebration. Draws from the BBC's vast and unique archive material on the Princess of Wales. The producers elected to steer clear of the more sensational and gossipy aspects of her life. (Review

Diana, Queen of Hearts. Academy Award-winning director Richard Attenborough hosts this tribute. Diana is presented through video clippings, photographs, and interviews with those who knew her best. The documentary accentuates the positive impact she had upon the world and the joys she found in her life, mainly in her love for her children.

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